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Vision is more than 20/20

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Most vision screenings measure one visual skill. That visual skill is called visual acuity, which is the test we are all familiar with; how small can you still see the letters.

Having 20/20 vision is very important, however, there is more to vision than just being able to see 20/20. In general, we are all born with sight, or the ability to see. Vision, or binocular vision, is something that is learned and developed. It is developed through our visual experiences through childhood. Unfortunately, there are some children who will not develop those skills properly. The good news is binocular vision CAN be developed through in-office neuro-optometric rehabilitation treatment.

Having an improperly working binocular vision system can make it very challenging for a child to keep up with their peers. Efficient binocular vision requires these skills, to name a few…

Eye Movement Control

Simultaneous Focus at Far

Simultaneous Focus at Near

Sustaining Focus at Near

Simultaneous Alignment at Far

Simultaneous Alignment at Near

Central Vision

Peripheral Vision

Depth Perception

Gross Visual-Motor Control

Fine Visual-Motor Control

Visual Perception

Visual Integration

Dr. Cameron McCrodan puts this information together very nicely in a Tedx talk.

It is important to determine whether the visual system is leading, or impeding.



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