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Dr. Stull was really great with my child, I was very happy at the care my child received. Dr. Stull answered any questions and addressed the needs of my child. Would recommend for the great service we received.

Dr. Stull and Dr. Edwards are amazing people. Their care and attention to detail with their patients, and people in general, go above and beyond! Top tier doctors delivering top tier service. Highly Recommend!!!

Dr. Stull and Dr. Edwards are great! They are very patient and my daughter loved them. For anyone that questions if vision therapy actually works, my daughter is proof that it does!  She was diagnosed with a visual processing disorder. She was behind in reading and just couldn’t grasp it. She was flipping b d q p. Her writing was illegible and she wasn’t able to space sentences. After an entire summer in weekly vision therapy and at home work, she now can write sentences and space words. She can read so much easier and isn’t frustrated and avoiding it. It works!

Dr. Lindsey Stull did an excellent job correcting my 17 year old daughter’s “lazy eye” vision problem. (My daughter was going to need surgery for her eyes, but Dr. Stull corrected my daughter’s vision problems, thus avoiding the need for an intrusive surgical procedure!) Dr. Stull was patient and helpful, and my daughter really enjoyed working with Dr. Stull. I highly recommend Dr. Stull and the Dynamic Center for Vision Therapy.

Dr Ryan and Dr Lindsey are energetic and intuitive. They helped correct my daughter’s convergence insufficiency and she is a different person! Thank you!

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