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Vision and Dyslexia

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Reading to learn is a complex process that involves many interrelated mechanisms. These mechanisms must communicate with each other efficiently.

Vision is one of those systems. Vision is much more than sight. Vision implies that meaning is drawn from what is seen (sight).

In order for vision to be efficient, three components must be in order.

Anatomical integrity of the visual system

Efficient and effortless eye movements (eye teaming, tracking and focusing)

Ability to process visual information and integrate with other sensory systems

If there is a delay in any of the above mentioned components, reading to learn could be compromised. Neuro-optometric rehabilitation does not directly treat learning disabilities or dyslexia, it does however, improve the efficiency of the visual system. Current research shows that individuals with reading difficulties have co-existing visual and language processing deficits; that is why collaboration is so crucial. No one professional or discipline can entirely address all of the areas of difficulty.

It is so important to determine if the visual system is leading or impeding. If there are any indications of a binocular vision disorder, please seek guidance from a developmental optometrist.



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